The Grand Tour of Danube Delta, 13-22 Mai

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Organised by Sulina Fabuloasă, out fiends and partners.
In 10 days and 9 nights around all of the Danube Delta, 420 km (350 km of biking and about 70 km boat transfers). It is an unassisted endurance tour, where, although we are a team, everyone needs to carry their own equipment and has to be able to take care of themselves. Camping or taking rooms are a possible mode of doing this…

We may have to change routes  if the weather or other circumstances force us to.
  • DAY 1 About 12 noon we start at the faleza in Tulcea (the river promenade in front of the Hotel Delta), crossing the mighty Danube by water taxi. Cycling to Pardina on a rocky road and picturesque dams (25 km).  Staying at a local private guesthouse (or camping in the yard).
  • DAY 2 From Pardina a nice ride to Chilia Veche of about 40 km on a rural road, then we take the public ferry to Periprava.
  • DAY 3 Periprava to Sulina on sandy roads with a stop in the strictly protected fabulous Letea forest, Via C.A. Rosetti – with its magnificent church – and Cardon to Sulina, adventurous water taxi across the Sulina branch of the Danube (about 42 km).
  • DAY 4 A laid-back day spent in Sulina kayaking, sightseeing, and maybe going to the Black Sea beach.
  • DAY 5 Another rocky and sandy road to Sf. Gheorghe and the southernmost branch of the Danube (40 km).
  • DAY 6 From Sf. Gheorghe village we take a local boat through different channels to a wild beach from where we ride and push our bikes 30 km along the sea shore to Gura Portitei where lagoon meets sea.
  • DAY 7 Half day hiking excursion to a Kormoran colony, rest of the day lounging on the beach.
  • DAY 8 From Gura Portitei to Periboina along the wild beach, to Edighiol and Vadu on a small rural road (about 40 km).
  • DAY 9 Vadu- Jurilovca (72 km on a local concrete road).
  • DAY 10 Jurilovca – Tulcea (55 km on another concrete road), arriving in Tulcea between 1-2 pm.
Fee: 490€/person, 4 persons minimum
This includes: The Danube Delta permit, water taxis in Tulcea, Chilia and Sulina, a homemade fish soup, kayaking in Sulina, a T-Shirt, the guides.
NOT INCLUDED: all food, drink and lodging (only wild camping is free!).
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